Sugar Black Rose weed


THC: 18%

Sugar Black Rose weed strain USA

Sugar Black Rose weed is an Indica-dominant cross of Critical Mass and Black Domina bred by Delicious Seeds. Black has a sweet taste with hints of fruit and fresh flowers. The aroma takes on a pungentearthy musk that resembles exotic hash imported from overseas, and brings with it a relaxing body buzz that helps keep nauseaanxiety, and muscle pains at bay.

Sugar Black  Auto (DS9) is one of the tastiest auto-flowering strains in our catalog and is the result of crossing Critical Mass Auto with 1998 Black Domina Auto. Indoors, she can be a relatively short and compact plant although, if given enough room she can spread out more, developing abundant lateral branches. Outdoors, whether in large pots or directly in the ground, she can grow quite tall with very long secondary branches resulting in a wide, rounded plant. Because of this, she’s very discreet but very productive.

The buds have a sweet, fruity aroma like oranges or other sweet citrus fruits. They taste of ripe grapes and flowers with skunky overtones and is really interesting. When exhaled, the smoke or vapor tastes sweet and spicy at the same time. without doubt, one of the tastiest Indicas we have ever laid our hands-on. It is the result of crossing Critical Mass.



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