Sativa Sour Gummi Bears 300mg


300mg of THC for whole package

Package contains 4 gummy bears

Each gummy bear contains 75mg of THC

Tastes amazing and has wonderful effects!

Sativa Sour Gummi Bears 300mg

Sativa Sour Gummi Bears 300mg, Are you tired of wondering if the next gummy you try will keep you here on planet earth, or send you to the moon? We’ve got your back! Every batch at Baked Bros comes with on-demand 3rd party testing and a Money-Back Guarantee that even Billy Mays would have stood behind. But wait, there’s more! With our Award Winning THC gummies and every edible thereafter we brought together the whole entourage of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids. This entourage of compounds creates a symphony of therapeutic effects as pleasant as Beethoven’s 5th to create unparalleled consistency in every dose.


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