Malawi Gold Weed strain


THC: 14-18 %


Malawi Gold Weed strain Online

Malawi Gold Weed strain from Seeds of Africa originates from the Northern region of Malawi, exclusively harvested on a plateau at 4000 feet elevation. Malawi Gold is best known in conjunction with the Malawi cob curing method.

Developed in a hot and humid subtropical location, Malawi Gold seeds produce hardy supersize sativa bushes with long branches. It takes an extra long time to finish flowering, at up to 16 weeks.

Big yields outdoors. The plants turn a golden color during the end of their life cycle which shows in the highly resinous golden-amber tinted buds. A very mold resistant strain.

Exotic pineapple, lemon and spicy incense flavors. Potent smoke, Malawi Gold gives a soaring psychedelic high.

Great for growing outdoors in tropical/subtropical climates.


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