Jamaican Lambs Bread Weed Strain


25% THC


Jamaican Lambs Bread Weed Strain

Jamaican Lambs Bread Weed Strain is believed to be Bob Marley‘s favorite cannabis strain. This is a pure sativa strain with an incredible 25% THC content. It has wonderfully dark green and dense buds, but with less crystals, which is usually not the case with a pure sativa strain. It smells spicy and dank along with a hint of lemon. As for the taste, it is just the same as it smells. But as soon as you taste the strain, you will come to realize its flavor to be a blend of a danky sweet cigarette.

The strain offers a warm heady high, which is usually the case with a good Headband strain. This makes it perfect for individuals suffering from headaches or migraines. However, the body buzz is not as exceptional as you may think it to be. Moreover, it is neither effective at enhancing mood levels. However, it offers a very mellow high. The effects of the strain can last anywhere in between one to two hours at max. On the other hand, Jamaican Lambs Bread is recommended for patients suffering from anxiety, stress and depression as well.


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