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THC: 22% – 26%, CBN: 1%

Buy Strawberry Cough Weed Strain

Buy Strawberry Cough Weed Strain is a bracing, taste-focused Sativa hybrid. Its unmistakable strawberry flavor is the result of crossbreeding by pioneer Kyle Kushman. Its impressive buds won the title of Best Flower in the 2013 Cup. Fruity and light, this strain is an uplifting and productive smoke that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. Strawberry is a cross between Strawberry Fields and old-school staple Haze. The average THC composition of this strain is between 15% and 20%. Emerald Cannabis Worx tested. Strawberry through pH Labs and hit a record high of 22.98% THC in 2018.

Kyle Kushman, a former High Times editor, developed Strawberryargely by chance in 2000. Kushman claims to have received a small a clone from a fellow breeder — a runt. The clone had allegedly been grown next to a strawberry patch somewhere in Connecticut. Kushman was struck by the clone’s pungent strawberry scent. He dubbed the strain Strawberry Field, and eventually. Crossed it with a Haze plant, the result was Strawberry , a hybrid that tastes soft and sweet and delivers a solidly cerebral high. Kushman built a buzz around Strawberry Cough’s in New York City’s underground market. He then moved out west to focus on cultivation in California and handed out clones of Strawberry on the cross-country drive, boosting its popularity even more.

The strain’s award-winning flowers are large and chunky. Despite its dominant Sativa genetics, Strawberry  has a more indica-typical bud structure, with solidly packed leaves.  The Sativa genes show, however, in the buds’ tapered, conical shape, less like popcorn and more like tiny pinecones.


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