Buy Strawberry Cough Weed


20% THC.


Buy Strawberry Cough Weed Strain

Buy Strawberry Cough Weed (aka Kyle Kushman‘s Strawberry Cough) is a fruity sativa/indica hybrid bred between a Vermont Strawberry Fields indica female and a pure Haze male. Dutch Passion’s seed version was created from a clone of this strain.

The medium size marijuana plants are straightforward to grow and do best indoors, in a greenhouse or warmer climates. They respond well to topping and SCROG. Thick stems.

Yields are only average. In 9 weeks the aromatic fruity colas turn vibrant colors. With colder temperatures, it is truly purple weed. Outdoors the plants are finished in October.

Delicious strawberry flavor that lives up to its name. Fruity aroma. Uplifting high.

Great trichome production, up to 20% THC.


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