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Buy Sherbinskis Pre Roll Joints, It embodies how a preroll can be both convenient and awe-inspiring. The legendary cultivator most often associated with popularizing Gelato, Pink Panties, and Sherbet is bringing Sherbinskis Bacio Gelato prerolls to joint smokers of a higher class. Each tin has 10 prerolls and is as elusive to find as it is earthy and delicious to smoke. The Pink Panties joints are available currently, while Bacio Gelato goes in and out of availability depending on its production cycle.

Through lab analysis, Pink Panties selections have revealed THC percentages as high as 27%, and total terpene percentages as high as 3.24%. The organic compounds are known as terpenes not only define the flavor of the smoke, but aid in the entourage effect, which studies suggest makes the weed experience superior to isolated compounds extracted out of the plant. Most terpene percentages for strains hover around 1% or lower, so 3% or above is fairly high.

“If you want to help people, you want to do it with style,” Sherbinskis founder Mario Guzman told Weedmaps News. Guzman personally selects every strain used in his line of cannabis products. If you are lucky enough to smoke one of his J’s, you will be singing the gospel of preroll packs near and far.


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