Buy Saints pre roll joints


Each joint contains 1.2 grams of Cannabis

18% to 30% THC



Buy Saints pre roll joints Online

Buy Saints pre roll joints It offer shiny, colorful preroll packs that are beloved in the Pacific Northwest. The branding consists of colorful packages designed by rotating collections of artists including Jimbo Phillips, Skinner, and Jeremy Fish. Strains in recent packs include Honey Bananas, Sunny D, Mimosa, 24K Gold. Lab-tested by Confident Cannabis and offered in 20 strain blends and varieties, Saints are sold at 40 stores across Washington.

These joints are much more than a pretty package. Judging from the lab results Weedmaps News received, Saints offers a selection of potent prerolls that are ideal for a hardcore stoner who tend to have a higher THC tolerance. Its Sunny D preroll testing at 19.6% THC. Saints’ next-level sticky Honey Bananas strain tested even more potent, still, at 21.7% THC. The total cannabinoid profile includes cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and some lesser-known cannabinoids.




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