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Buy Higgs Pre Roll Jointin USA, It has stepped up the preroll joint pack game with its look and style. Its kitschy, ’80s-Esque packs come in two options: White (Sativa-like) and Black (India-like). The oddly satisfying feel of these cardboard packs come with their own Higgs matchbooks. Down to the details on the crutch, these are simply divine. Its cannabis is cultivated by Honeydew Farms and the smoke is mellow, burning smooth, with kief packed just densely enough for them to burn evenly.

Its preroll flower is tested by Encore Labs and shows a cannabinoid profile for its India Black pack with 23% THC and its terpene profile includes 0.43% caryophyllene, a terp that would taste like cloves, black pepper, or hops; and 0.13% consists of bisabolol, which echoes the flavor and aromas of cinnamon, chamomile, and lavender. The sleek little packs are perfect for a night on the town. Throw one in your back pocket and let shenanigans ensue.


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