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THC: 25%

Buy herijuana weed Strain USA

Buy herijuana weed Strain, Mail Order Herijuana Indica Cannabis Strain USA,, Originally bred by Woodhouse Seeds, Further more Herijuana is a combination of the highly regarded Humboldt County Afghan indica called Petrolia Headstash and an outdoor hybrid from Kentucky known only as of the “Killer New Haven” strain.  Further by Meaning that most of the seeds will grow into plants that are nearly identical. Herijuana produces large dense flowers on an open, stretchy plant. More so With aromas and flavors ranging from spicy earth and sandalwood to hashy fruit.

Our flowers are cheap and affordable as such, Delivery is discreet and our rolls disposable, and easily shared among friends, Also NOTE that, With our coupons and promotional CODEs. Be therefore assure each order comes with an extra 1 pre-rolled as a bonus more So we offer Free bud. PLUS we run new promotions every week to ensure great deals on your medication. Your health is our priority.


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