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Buy Canndescent Pre roll Joints USA

Buy Canndescent Pre roll Joints. California-based Cannadescent has a great lineup of prerolled joint packs that are organized not by strain, but instead by the intended effect that each J would allow the smoker to experience. The flower inside is grown using purified water and organic pesticides, while each preroll pack containing a total of an eighth of flower rolled up across 5 joints.

From the looks of the lab results for Canndescent’s Preroll Flight, one can swing from a heavy indica called Calm 117, which tests at a high 27% THC, with a terpene profile predominantly consisting of citrusy limonene, lavender-esque linalool that sounds like it would make for a relaxing nighttime toke. On the other end of the spectrum, mind-buzzing Connect 411 is a fun sativa found in the Flight. It contains 17% total THC, and a fragrant, piney terpene profile strong in alpha-pinene.


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