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Preroll joints come in a jar of 20 from the folks at 710 Labs, with a fusilli noodle included as a crutch

Buy 710 Labs Pre Roll Joint USA

Buy 710 Labs Pre Roll Joint, OGs roll better OG. These rare joints are individually hand-rolled using in-house flower that is grown in wild, beautiful living soil. The joint packs are pricey, but quite a treat for the weed-snob.

Strains grown by 710 Labs include Banana Pie #14, Ghost Hulk #25, and Dolato, a pungent, flavorful genetic mix between Dosidos and Gelato. Each joint is not ground finely by a machine but instead broken-down in a grinder to help maintain the colas and to create a joint similar to the one you’d roll at home. The unique component is the gluten-free, organic fusilli noodle as a crutch, nice finishing touch with the functional solution of adding great airflow.



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