Americanna Vaporizer Cartridge


1g (1gram)


Americanna Vaporizer Cartridges USA

Americanna Vaporizer Cartridge Online. Award-winning Cannabis and natural flavor profiles are enhanced by our Ceramic Cell technology, providing you with zero burn and also full-flavor vapor. Americana Vapes are available in the ever-expanding, full-spectrum terpene profiles developed in-house. Americanna Vapes THC Oil cartridges are designed for the beginners and pros as well. You may not be looking for an overwhelming potency, but are still interested in a high-quality vaping experience. So this cartridge is formulated with our molecular distilled CO2 oil distillate.


Americanna Vaporizer

Blue Cheese, Blue Dream, Bubba Hash, Dogwalker OG, GG#4, Granddaddy Purple, Headband, Strawberry cough, Super Lemon Haze, super silver Haze, Super Skunk


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